Greg Thomajan, Owner of Zareh, Inc.

Greg Thomajan continued the family tradition of unique essayist style ads. His advertisements were published in "The Son Of The Thief Of State Street."

Zareh ThomajanThe Son Of The Thief Of State Street

Whenever I am asked if I enjoy retailing I never know how to answer because what I do bears so little resemblance to retailing. I get to the shop around nine, have my bagel and coffee while reading the paper, and spend the rest of the day listening to Mozart on the stereo and playing computer chess. The fabulous Andrea arrives when she feels like it (once you marry them they don’t work as hard). And we close at five. And that’s pretty much it. No heavy lifting, no Saturdays, no Sundays, no evenings, no employee headaches (no employees), and no unions. Talk about care free. Our client base is a bunch of nice guys who look to Zareh’s as their oasis in the Financial District. Every now and then I even sell something. The only person I can think of whose workplace atmosphere even approaches mine in beauty and serenity would be the proprietor of Café des Artistes (and I don’t have to look at dirty plates). What more can I tell you? In my next life I want to come back as myself.



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